Everybody enjoys watching a good movie or shouting on each boundary in a cricket match with friends and family. Not everyone is fond of going to the cinema or to the stadium to watch it, so they find better ways at home to enjoy it to the fullest. Besides munching on snacks and gulping down the soda bottles, there are some other things people take care of to have a fantastic and memorable evening. One of the oldest and most convenient ways is using a projector or multimedia that allows people to witness the sight on such bigger screen. However, the projectors that were used earlier were massive in size and heavy to carry. Even these days, the projectors and multimedia devices used are not able to be taken everywhere you go.

AODIN IMAX M6, a Bluetooth projector, is making its way smoothly in the media market for its authentic and genuine features.

Shape and size:

Modern days cannot snatch away all the authentic old ways, but it surely can renew them. AODIN IMAX M6 has done the same with the old and boring projectors. The size and the design they offer makes this experience a lot more fun and exciting. It comes in 150x80x15mm handy, pocket-size which provides its users to put it inside the pocket and they are ready to go. Its elegant round shape makes it an eye-catching product at ITIL 4 courses.

Technical features:

This small cell phone shape like device also holds many technical features that make them convenient to enjoy the movie without any disruption. It keeps a DLP technology along with an RGB LED lamp to have a clear and real-life view on the screen. It has a built-in ROM 8G HDMI 1.4 Input/ USB3.0 support HDD 3.0 play. High transmission speed and more stable Wi-Fi wireless signals due to 5GWifi makes it enjoyable to watch a movie without any pause.

Battery life:

AODIN IMAX M6, when fully charged, can play for about 2.5 hours. With a total long life of 50000 hours and its reliability for ten years can be a natural replacement for all the short life projectors out there that needs to be changed every 2 to 3 years.

The Bluetooth 4.0 and Android support makes it a suitable device for the whole family. Getting your hands on this mini portable device can leave you at ease for many years of clear, high resolution and ITIL 4 certification.


A device with lightweight and portable quality. As well as a good battery timing helps you to stay in power and charge movies. The connection of Bluetooth to speakers makes it a component of system flawlessly. The 50 lumens don’t sound like much, but in a darkened room or outside at night it does well. We’ve used it on nights of full moons and had no issues with light levels. Once you get used to the feel of the air-mouse and learn that a sharp swing will reset the internal gyro, so you can adjust where the pointer is compared to where the cursor on the screen is, navigation becomes simple.

The built-in KitKat has a proprietary menu that makes it a little different from your Android phone or tablet. Still, the list is a right touch. It simplifies navigation by classing a few important apps on their own, like Kodi. It also has a favorites folder on the desktop where you can drop such much-needed apps as Netflix or Hulu.