Top reasons why you should learn AWS

In today’s world, cloud computing has taken us to new heights. This on-demand delivery system is delivering database storage, applications, and even computing power. Any application can be held in the cloud, be it an application to keep your photos or something far more critical such as a business application Nowadays, the cloud has become an essential component of both IT and almost any type of business, and the demand is only going to increase. The operation and execution of all applications now require low cost IT resources because of cloud computing.

Now let’s get to Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is a service we got from cloud computing. Any scale of the company ranging from start-ups to complete enterprises, can benefit from AWS. Presently, AWS is a leading name in the computing market. Many famous companies are using AWS, to name a few: Netflix, Airbnb, IMDb, and even institutions such as NASA. Read on to find reasons that will convince you to get with the modern world and learn ITIL 4 courses.

Reasons to learn AWS:

Skills in demand

AWS skills are so in demand right now. You need to set your directions straight and sail with the current world, and right now, the contemporary world is sailing towards the AWS cloud. The good news for you is that when we reviewed Google trends, we found that there is a lack of skills for AWS. Anyone seeking a profitable career must give AWS at least a thought as more than 350,000 AWS professionals are needed to fill in the vacant cloud job titles.

Handsome Salary

The path of an AWS career is one that has a perfect range of salary. People who are AWS certified solutions architects can receive a handsome amount of around $121,292, which is far higher than the IT specialists in the top 15. PLaces such as Washington, San Francisco, and Boston are more likely to provide a 25% increased salary rate for AWS jobs. According to a PayScale report, we found out that Architect related AWS jobs will be able to give a better salary range than posts that are non-architect.

AWS is the future

Everyone is coming to benefit from the cloud. From small companies to commercial enterprises, everyone has decided to adopt AWS as soon as possible. Till 2015, there were around

77% of companies that were relying on traditional architecture according to a group report by McKinsey’s Silicon Valley. Now the number is dropping, and it is expected to fall further than 43% as many major companies have decided to make the transition and move towards ITIL 4 certification.

Learning with reasonable prices

The learning for AWS has a reasonable price tag along with the access to the free tier. The free layer can be used by experts looking to have a g at AWS by merely creating an account. The public AWS free tier services we get are Elastic load balancing, S3, Amazon RDS, EC2, etc. There are limits to where you can use these services without ending up paying.


Scalability is another good point about AWS. The complete infrastructure can be set up and handled in a relatively short amount of effort and time. Scaling becomes flexible when working with AWS, allowing you to pick pricing as per your requirements.