Surviving Involuntary Confinement At Home

Don’t know if most of you are aware, it’s only been 10 days since Malaysia is under Movement Control Order. When we have the freedom to go outside, 10 days seem sap sap shui righttttt. Go here, go there, drive here, drive there. Lepak, yumcha, yam zhao (drink liqour), kao zai (flirt with guys), kao lui (flirt with girls). So much fun!

But here we are, on 27 of March, working from home, feeling bored, self-declared break time here and there. Never forget the eating part. Let me I tell you, most of the people at home keep makan only. Don’t think I don’t know ahhh! And I suppose this is how most of our routine is:

Morning to Noon: Wake up, (mandi, brush teeth and others are all included kay) open up your laptop for work. Anywhere at home is your work station. Bed, couch, car porch, dining table, inside the refrigerator, by the stove. Anywhere! Then you get hungry and walk up to your mom and be like: Mi, got food ah? Once you habis finished your meal, go back to work. HOW EXCITING!

Evening: Work of the day ended, and this is where life suppose to be more meaningful! BUT NOOOOO, MCO Restrictions! So you just ended up sitting on the couch, watching TV, eating dinner, scroll social media and sleep. It’s boring, right, but probably this can cheer you up – Azure courses?

Well, amidst of all these, we should still be thankful to all front-liners for protecting and supporting our country by containing the virus and supplying necessities to us. Thank you! As a citizen, play your part and stay home! Also, do check up on your extrovert friends and your mom who play a huge role at home too. Until then, stay safe people! How about if you attend Azure training?